Luca Giuberti

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Luca Giuberti

Luca Giuberti

My name is Luca Giuberti, I was born in Parma on November 16, 1988. I live in Fontanellato. I've always had a great passion for programming and technology in general.

In 2014 I graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Parma.

From February 2016 I work in Addiction, a software house that designs and realizes digital tools for the enterprise.

If you want to know more about my experiences take a look at my CV.


Some projects I've worked with


My main (coding) knowledge

Programming Language

c 80%
C++ 90%
C# 90%
Java 90%

Operating System

Windows OS 80%
Linix-Based 80%

Framework Known

Bootstrap Framework 80%
Qt 70%
Android SDK 90%
.Net 80%
JQuery 80%
Ext JS 80%

DataBase and DB Language

SQL 100%
DB2 80%
SQLServer 90%
MySql 90%


Joomla 80%
WordPress 70%
Drupal 50%
Liferay 70%

Web development

PHP 80%
HTML 100%
CSS 80%
Sass/SCSS 80%
JavaScript 80%


SVN 80%
Git 80%

Ci si innamora delle parole, credendo che i fatti possano essere comunque all'altezza.

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  • (+39) 347 6898059
  • luca.giuberti
  • gixlg